About Us

Academic Assessment Services (formerly Robert Allwell and Associates) was established in 1974. We are independent consultants specialising solely in the assessment and analysis of educational performance and progress.

We work with Independent, Catholic and State schools in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, the ACT, Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory. We also work with schools internationally.

Our team of professionals include measurement and curriculum experts, education experts and teachers.

We currently work nationally with over two hundred schools.

Our specialist services offer a diversity of testing using a suite of assessments of ability and achievement. We offer a variety of reporting services, from making more meaningful use of your NAPLAN results to offering schools the opportunity to access our value-added student performance scales. We tailor the reporting of our assessment data to the School’s specific needs.

Consultation in the development of strategic action plans to target weaknesses and improve results is part of the service we offer post testing and reporting.

Our experience is the key to the many points of difference with other testing programs and providers. By listening to each school’s specific requirements and designing tailor-made programs for them, our company has led the way in unmatched personalised academic assessment services for over forty years.

Academic Assessment Services provide educational testing services to schools.


We provide educational testing that is:

  • Reliable
  • Meaningful
  • Accessible
  • Confidential and secure
  • Developed by curriculum experts
  • Customised for each school in hard copy and electronic formats
  • Expedient in its turnaround of results
  • Competitively priced
  • Unique in the many features it has to offer.

Our benefits to a school include:

  • Managing the process from start to finish
  • Providing in-servicing for school staff
  • assisting staff to implement the information collected
  • Enabling schools to incorporate other assessment data such as NAPLAN into our comprehensive online reporting software.