Academic Assessment Services offer our client schools access to the Online Reporting System for test results. The Online Reporting System reports on placement, progress and scholarship testing.

The system adds another level of sophistication to our current reporting of test information and allows the School to manipulate data in a number of ways not possible with paper-based reporting.

Interested schools should contact Academic Assessment Services for a personal demonstration.

Our online reporting enables schools to:

  • Customise their data to measure the academic performance of particular groups within cohorts
  • Track student performance from year to year
  • Use the program to predict individual student, group or cohort performance for the following year. This becomes a valuable tool for schools implementing ‘value-added’ reporting.


  • Norm-referenced – how your students perform against a comparative population
  • Criterion-referenced – the strengths and weaknesses of individuals, groups, classes and cohorts
  • Mapping student progress – measuring student performance against their annual progress and trajectory of future performance
  • Measuring individual, group and cohort trends over extended periods of time.


  • Are both normative and descriptive
  • Describe student outcomes in affirming language
  • Inform curriculum development
  • Identify students with special needs
  • Identify the academically gifted
  • Provide diagnostic profiles for each student
  • Are customised for each school.