Our specialist services offer a diversity of testing instruments using a suite of assessments measuring student ability and achievement.

We offer a variety of reporting services, from integrating your school NAPLAN data with our results to offering the opportunity to access our value-added student performance scales. We can also assist schools to tailor the reporting of our assessment data to the School’s specific needs.

Our consultation services can assist you in the development of strategic action plans to target weaknesses and improve results, this is all part of the service we offer post testing and reporting.

For schools testing at multiple year-levels, we provide our consultancy and professional development services at no additional cost.

We are able to produce your results via our online system and show staff how to utilise these to glean information about student capabilities and identifying opportunities to help students reach their potential.

Schools that conduct testing and utilise our National Progress Index (NPI) have the opportunity to access our consultancy service that provides a diagnostic analysis of all data. In addition to this we would be available to undertake Professional Development for Executive and staff.