PSAM – Post Secondary Academic Measure

Academic Assessment Services is pleased to announce the release of a new program to enhance the analysis of HSC and IB results. PSAM (Post Secondary Academic Measure) provides a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of Year Twelve results.

While the University Admissions Centre (UAC) produces scaled marks which it aggregates to provide a rank for tertiary entry, schools would benefit significantly through access to a program that would allow them to better understand and use estimates of scaled scores to enhance academic outcomes for their graduates.

Many schools report that students are continuing to attempt to ‘play the ATAR system’, either selecting courses for which they are unsuited as they feel that they will gain an advantage, or selecting easier courses which they believe will allow them to maximise their results.

Access to accurate estimates of individual student and cohort scaled scores will allow schools to address this issue at the time of subject selection, but will also allow schools the opportunity to use quantitative data to analyse the performance of individual students and cohorts on a subject by subject basis. The ability to study longitudinal data will allow schools to track the success of interventions that have been implemented on a subject by subject basis.

When analysed in conjunction with AAS profile test data, an even clearer picture of the performance of each group of students can be ascertained.

AAS uses data from the Results Analysis Package (RAP)and specially developed algorithms to estimate each student’s scaled marks. We provide precise estimates of each student’s scaled mark in each course, as well as generating the PSAM, an estimate of each student’s final ATAR. These estimates have been successfully validated using large data sets against real ATARs.

AAS produces detailed reports for each student, course, class and department.

For schools also offering the International Baccalaureate® Diploma (IB), AAS reports each student’s course and IB results, an ATAR equivalent and detailed analyses of these results. The IB analyses can be viewed in conjunction with HSC results or independently.


  • Systematically track Year 12 performances over time
  • Use valid data to make informed academic decisions
  • Measure the School’s successes
  • Understand and apply scaling to subject advice
  • Better assist students in appropriate subject selection
  • Measure outcomes of interventions

Click below to download the PSAM brochure for NSW