Rigorous school assessments,
fully managed for you.

We create quality academic assessments for schools and run them for you from start to finish. This includes direct support in analysing the results.


Our suite of assessments allow for student benchmarking, placement, scaling and scholarships, helping you to achieve the highest academic outcomes for your school.  

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Our school tests and assessments

Accurately diagnose your students’ knowledge, skills and growth in key curriculum areas.


Strengthen the results data with NAPLAN to analyse performance more accurately.

Attract the highest achieving students in Australia and boost your school’s reputation.


We handle the full scholarship process, including parent communications.

Uncover your school’s high-potential students and place them in extension and enrichment programs.


Ensure your most gifted students are being challenged.

Trusted by hundreds of Australian schools

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Understand your students’ growth and performance

Our assessments are created and validated by experienced Australian educators, who align them to the curriculum and state-based authority requirements. We’ve been doing this for over 50 years.

We’ll create, run and mark your assessments, and most importantly – help you understand the results.


This is all provided in one neat, customised assessment package for your school.

We’ll personally walk you through the results data and help you get the insights you need to improve academic outcomes in your school.

“AAS’s placement and scholarship tests meet our needs and provide us with valuable data and analysis to inform teaching and learning. The staff from the office to the examination supervisors are outstanding professionals.”

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Tracy Fischl
Registrar, Moriah College

How our school testing program can improve your school

Save months of time each year with our personalised, quality assessments, fully executed for you. 

Accurately measure student performance and help them achieve their best outcomes. 

Assess broadly to identify your highest achievers, lowest achievers, and everyone in between.  

Get accurate diagnostic data for key learning areas of the Australian curriculum, including literacy and numeracy skills. 

Analyse the full spectrum of performance for individual students, classes, cohorts, and the entire school. 

Access test results in our secure, easy-to-use reporting system. 

How we simplify assessments for you

It takes time and expertise to run worthwhile assessments, but we’ve honed the process so that you can get the results data you need to move your learners forward. Here’s how we do it.

We consult with you about your assessment needs and help develop a strategy.

We create a tailored assessment program for you.

We run the assessments.

We help you analyse the results.

Find out how we can help your school

Get in touch to discuss your assessment goals and how we can help you improve learning outcomes for your students.