School Assessment and Testing Management Services

Our aim at Academic Assessment Services is to provide a professional, efficient and streamlined testing experience. We take care of all elements of testing from beginning to end ensuring the highest reliability, validity and integrity.

Our services include

  • Total test administration – our specialist staff administer all of our tests to ensure security and consistency in test delivery

  • We mark all the exams. Our writing tests are personally marked and annotated to provide comprehensive information for the teaching staff at your school. All markers are experienced teachers and trained to our exacting standards

  • We also provide the service of ‘catch up exams’ for absentees or late enrolments

  • Assessment data management – schools can receive their assessment data in hard copy, online or as data files to import to their own data management systems

  • Staff development in educational measurement and data management

  • Diagnostic analysis of assessment data – our achievement tests are constructed to measure student achievement in relation to the strands and outcomes of the national curriculum. In this respect they are compatible with the diagnostic capabilities of the NAPLAN tests

  • Consultation in the development of strategic action plans to target weaknesses and improve results.

Since the introduction of national testing in 2008, there has been an increasing demand from our client schools for placement/diagnostic testing at Years 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 to assist in the provision of enhanced assessment data to supplement the reporting of student achievement using the NAPLAN results. We are able to link both AAS and NAPLAN results to enhance the use of both data sets.