Every part of the assessment process managed for you.

We’ll manage your AAS tests from end-to-end, and even help you analyse the results once complete.

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School exam and testing management services

End-to-end, personalised
exam management

We can take care of every aspect of test management, providing you with the results once complete. Or we can customise our approach and manage whichever parts suit you best.

Secure, professionally-supervised tests

Our invigilators ensure that tests are completed fairly and provide students with the support they need.


We provide invigilation for both online and paper-based tests.

Fully-marked tests
with fast results

We mark every test paper and upload the results to your reporting portal, ready for you to analyse.


Marking is either automated (with multiple-choice questions) or carried out by professional markers.

“AAS assessments save me weeks’ worth of time each year…”

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Our assessments are managed by credible educators with decades of experience

Our assessments are created, managed and supported by professionals with extensive experience in K-12 education. Their background and knowledge helps us maintain the highest quality for our assessments and the services that accompany them.

End-to-end exam management services – what we do

Quality assessments are crucial, but they take time to create, run and analyse. We simplify them by managing every step of the process for you, including these individual components:

Assessment creation

Our education experts create each of our school tests from scratch, refreshing them every year. They’re based on the specific learning areas of the Australian curriculum.

Exam setup

Whether online or paper-based, we’ll set up the exams for your students. This includes communicating dates and processes with schools or parents, booking exam spaces, securing equipment, and anything else needed to run your exams.

Exam delivery with supervision/invigilation

We’ll deliver and invigilate the exams, ensuring they are fair and secure for every student. This includes greeting students, verifying their identity and supporting them during the tests. For online testing, we invigilate using advanced locked down browser technology, which prevents students from accessing other websites during the exam.


We’ll mark every assessment against its success criteria within two weeks of completion. This happens automatically for multiple choice questions and manually for Writing tasks, which also include full annotation/feedback.

Reporting and data management

We’ll populate your reporting system with the results, which you can access whenever you need. We will always manage this data for you. We can also provide hard copies of results if needed.


All students’ results are individually reviewed, and students with anomalous results are re-tested.

Analysis with support from us

We’ll provide you with a one-hour training session on how to find your most valuable insights from the reporting system. We can also provide additional paid support sessions for your entire teaching staff.

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Online or paper-based tests

We offer both online and paper-based testing for our assessments, depending on your preference. Results for both types are uploaded to our reporting portal.

For remote online testing, the system is secured with the most up-to-date encryption methods in addition to “locked browser” software, which prevents students from accessing websites. The session is also recorded using the computer’s camera.

How we simplify assessments for you

It takes time and expertise to run worthwhile assessments, but we’ve honed the process so that you can get the results data you need to improve your school. Here’s how we do it.
1.  We chat about your assessment needs.
2.  We create a tailored assessment program for you, including any exam management services you need.
3.  We run the assessments.
4.  We help you analyse the results.

Frequently asked questions

We publish and host the results on our online reporting system, which you can access whenever you need. You don’t need to worry about hosting or securing the results data.

We use advanced locked down browser technology which prevents students from accessing other websites during the exam.

If the exam is remote/online or held interstate, we will coordinate with parents directly to arrange them.

All exams are held at your school or another appropriate venue, with the room decided by yourself.

For in-person testing held at schools, we ask students to bring copies of their invoice which we cross-check against the list of enrolments. If requested, we can also ask students to bring identification.


For online testing, students must upload a photo of a piece of ID that includes their full name (e.g. a passport photo or school photo).

We typically mark and send/publish test results within two weeks.

For in-person assessments, our supervisors conduct the testing at your school. For online assessments, we arrange the testing with parents.

Our tests tend to run from approximately 8:45am to 12:30pm, unless requested otherwise by your school.

Results are uploaded to our results portal, which we’ll provide access to.

Our pricing is dependent on your school’s specific needs. Please get in touch for a free consultation and we’ll discuss your requirements and our costs.

Find out how our test management services can help your school

Get in touch and we’ll discuss your assessment goals and how our services can help to improve learning outcomes for your students.