Help your child prepare for their scholarship or placement tests.

Our practice tests allow your child to familiarise themselves with the AAS test platform, work through similar skills to those found in the real tests and identify knowledge gaps to fill.

teacher with student completing an aas practice test

Online AAS practice tests for Years 2 to 10

Practise the same skills

Help your child practise the same skills that are assessed in our scholarship and progress and placement tests.

Uncover knowledge
gaps to revise

Learn which specific skill areas your child needs to work on before sitting their real tests.

Get familiar with the
AAS test format

Allow your child to get acquainted with the look and feel of the test itself, so they know what to expect on test day.


Cost and what is included in our AAS practice tests

Our practice tests cost $50 for three different assessments, which are grouped by skill:


  • General reasoning
  • Reading comprehension
  • Mathematics


Each test contains 25-multiple choice questions (note: the real tests are much longer) which gradually increase in difficulty.

Students can take each test once but review their results as many times as they need.

What your child will learn from the practice tests

Which skill areas to work on

From their correct and incorrect answers, your child can get a better understanding of which skill areas they may need to revise.

How the tests look and feel

Your child can become familiar with how the test is laid out, the question formats and how to work through them, so that they’re more comfortable on test day.

Skills and subjects tested in our AAS practice tests

student working on her gifted and talented test

General reasoning

Learning areas tested:


  • Verbal reasoning
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Figural reasoning
  • Spatial reasoning
male students in library revising for their gifted and talented exams

Reading comprehension

Learning areas tested:


  • Remembering info
  • Locating details
  • Analysing text
  • Evaluating info
  • Deriving/drawing conclusions
  • Combining info
students at chalkboard working out maths problems


Learning areas tested:


  • Numbers
  • Measurements
  • Space and geometry
  • Data
  • Patterns and algebra
  • Working mathematically

Frequently asked questions

The practice tests are designed to test the same skills that your child will encounter in their scholarship or placement exams and help them to get familiar with the test format. The real exam questions are different and the length of the exams is longer.

There are 25 questions in each test set and 75 in total:

  • 25 questions in the General Reasoning test
  • 25 questions in the Reading Comprehension test
  • 25 questions in the Mathematics test

You can purchase them here. If you have registered on the AAS Scholarships registration website you can use your email and password to log in. If you have not registered, click the “Sign Up” button to register.

Our practice tests are available for students who are currently in Years 2 to 10. It is recommended that students choose practice tests at their current school year level. For more challenging questions, students may try higher levels if they wish.

If you have purchased the wrong practice test year level and your child has not started any of the tests yet, you can swap for the correct year level.

After submitting the practice test, your child cannot attempt the test again. However, your child can still preview the questions and answers many times.

The practice tests are not timed.

Purchased practice tests are non-refundable.

Help your child prepare for AAS tests

Our online practice tests help your child become familiar with the AAS testing platform and practise the skills tested in the real exams.