Placement and Entrance Tests

Track student progress with the AAS placement tests

AAS Tests track student progress throughout their schooling.  While tests are available for students from Years 2 to 11, many schools choose to use AAS testing in non-NAPLAN years.  The AAS platform allows for the integration of results allowing teachers to track development in a timely manner.

The AAS platform provides schools with the facility to readily establish class groupings based on flexible parameters as determined by each school.  Academic and pastoral information can be synthesised and class lists can be generated automatically.

Why choosing AAS's placement and entrance tests

  • Are tailor-made to a school’s needs

  • Are aligned with national curriculum

  • Use current norms

  • Identify the complete range of student ability

  • Help a school cater for the needs of all students

  • Provide detailed information on individual and group performance

  • Track enrolments from year to year

  • Allow confidence in class placement

  • Are administered, scored and reported by AAS

  • Can be held on a date chosen to suit a school’s particular needs.