Precise student progress data for informed decision-making.

Our progress and placement tests show how your Year 2 to 11 students are progressing for key areas of the curriculum, so that you and your staff can make objective decisions to improve student outcomes – from the granular to the big-picture.


Combine the assessment data with NAPLAN to create a more rigorous picture of progress.

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Progress and placement tests

Accurately track
student progress

Get an objective measure of student progress with norm and criterion-referenced results, covering the entire range of ability for every student, class and cohort.


The progress and placement test data can be combined with NAPLAN to see consistent year-on-year trends.

Create classes
based on skill

Confidently group students based on their objective skill and knowledge, so that you can teach them the appropriate material for their level.


Classes can be automatically created based on skill, then edited and confirmed by you.

Identify students who need
extension or support

Pinpoint high or low performing students who require intervention, to support them towards the best possible education outcomes.


Our progress and placement tests cover the full range and depth of student ability, allowing insight-driven curriculum planning.

Tested skills and subjects for the progress and placement exams

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Reading comprehension

Learning areas tested:

  • Remembering info
  • Locating details
  • Analysing text
  • Evaluating info
  • Deriving/drawing conclusions
  • Combining info
female student completing their placement test


Learning areas tested, varies depending on persuasive or narrative:

  • Genre/structure
  • Arguments
  • Vocabulary
  • Sentence structure and cohesion
  • Syntax/tense
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
young student answering a question as part of their entrance assessment


The spelling of words is tested at varying difficulty by year level.


They range from common to more technical words with challenging or unusual spellings.

two students at the chalkboard practising maths questions for their placement exam


Learning areas tested:

  • Numbers
  • Measurements
  • Space and geometry
  • Data
  • Patterns and algebra
  • Working mathematically
young student revising for her placement test


Learning areas tested:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Figural reasoning
  • Spatial reasoning

“The progress and placement test gives me rich insights into how my students are performing”

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Automatic, fast class creation

Once completing the progress and placement exams, you can automatically create student groups based on their skills and edit with your desired parameters.

Choose your preferred grouping type for classes: mixed, streamed, banded and more.

Group students by ability type such as English, Maths and general.

Customise class numbers, sizes, student genders and more.

Separate, pair or group specific students for classes to reduce disruptions.

Get comparable progress data for in-take years, for accurate class creation.

Import existing classes and edit them however you need. Create custom groups/classes manually if required.

End-to-end management of progress and placement exams

We’ll handle the placement exam process from start to finish, including:


We’ll arrange and set up the entire exam, ready for test day.


We’ll invigilate to ensure exam integrity, for both online and paper-based tests.


We’ll mark every assessment against its success criteria, including manual marking for writing.


We’ll populate your reporting system and provide you with one-on-one training on how to get the best insights.

Our progress and placements tests are created by credible educators with decades of experience

Our progress and placement assessments are created by professionals with extensive experience in K-12 education. Their background and knowledge helps us maintain the highest quality for our curriculum-aligned assessments, which go through a rigorous validation process before being set for students.

What do our progress and placement tests look like?

Our progress and placement tests are made up of multiple-choice or long-form questions (depending on the subject).


They can be delivered online or in-person, and tend to be around 50 minutes long. Our online tests are on the same tried-and-tested platform as NAPLAN, ICAS and other large-scale assessments.

What you’ll learn from the test reports, with personal support from us

Our standardised progress and placement tests provide you with the diagnostic and normative data you need to make informed decisions for your school. Their scope is broad, allowing analysis for individual students, classes, cohorts and the entire school.

How students are progressing

See how students and cohorts are growing from one year to the next for numeracy, reading and writing.


Combine the progress and placement test data with NAPLAN results to see unbroken year-on-year performance.

How students compare against their peers

Get normative, Australia-wide rankings for your students to determine how they fare against others.


Make program changes based on your findings to improve your students’ education.

Which skills/strands students need help with

Identify the specific strands (or questions) your students need help with, and have your teachers focus their efforts on them.


Similarly, you can identify which strands students are excelling at, and give them advanced work.


Mitigate the complexities of continual enrolment and provide a great education to every student, existing or new.

How to group students into classes

Use our class building tool to create automatic groups of students based on their abilities.


Customise the classes exactly as you need.

Frequently asked questions

Our pricing varies depending on volume and the services you need. Please contact us to chat about your requirements.

The tests can be given on a date that suits your school’s particular needs.

The tests are designed as a general measure of student progress for foundational subjects, so are suitable for classes of all types.

We score the tests, validate the scoring, and produce the reports within 10 working days. Reports are both electronic (on our reporting system), and can also be send as a hard copy if required.

Our tests are strictly confidential and not able to be purchased separately by schools. We also refresh the assessments annually, so students are highly unlikely to have sat our tests before.

Our assessments have been designed with the same scale as NAPLAN, which allows you to import NAPLAN data to see steady year-on-year progress for students.

Get detailed insights on your students’ progress

Get in touch and we’ll talk about how our progress and placement tests can help you better understand your students’ needs.