Unique scholarship tests, managed end-to-end.

We’ll find students with exceptional higher-order thinking skills for your scholarship programs, and handle every part of the process for you.

Our scholarship tests are both unique and broad for every student, giving you the most accurate insights designed to help you identify academic talent with future potential.

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Scholarship tests

Uncover the highest performers with the most potential

Discern between the brightest critical thinkers among your applicants and confidently select the best.

Test students on a
wide variety of skills

Gather stronger evidence of student talent by testing the full range of their abilities.

Set unique,
non-commercial tests

Ensure students have never sat your scholarships tests before, providing a reliable evaluation of their skill.

“Tara Anglican School for Girls has developed a strong and effective partnership with Academic Assessment Services and their staff since 2015. This partnership extends across various aspects of the school’s assessment process, but for enrolments specifically, the team have ensured that our school and the enrolment team are able to navigate peak scholarships seasons with ease.”

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Marion Malouf
Tara Anglican School For Girls

Tested skills and subjects for our Year 3 to 11 scholarship exams

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Learning areas tested:


  • Genre/structure
  • Arguments
  • Vocabulary
  • Sentence structure and cohesion
  • Syntax/tense
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
male students in library revising for their scholarship exams

Reading comprehension

Learning areas tested:


  • Remembering info
  • Locating details
  • Analysing text
  • Evaluating info
  • Deriving/drawing conclusions
  • Combining info
students at chalkboard completing maths puzzles


Learning areas tested:


  • Numbers
  • Measurements
  • Space and geometry
  • Data
  • Patterns and algebra
  • Working mathematically
young student working on a school scholarship test


Learning areas tested:


  • Verbal reasoning
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Figural reasoning
  • Spatial reasoning

Fully managed school scholarship tests

Our goal is to handle the entire scholarship testing process for you, providing you with the tests results you need to select the brightest students for your program.

Have students self enrol through a dedicated portal, branded with your school logo and customised for different scholarship areas.

Leave all student and parent communications for the testing program to us, including payment collection.

Reduce absentees by sending automated email and SMS reminders for test day. We also remind students to finish their half-completed applications.

Provide parents with a landing page that promotes your school’s scholarship program.

Customise the information and documents collected from registering students. Paper-free process!

Easily track student entries, requested documents and test results in your school’s portal.

Our step-by-step process for scholarship testing

Here’s how our scholarship testing process works from start to finish:

Registration and communication

We’ll set up the scholarship registration site and send it to your parents/students, where they can submit and pay for their application and upload all supporting documentation.

Test setup and delivery

We’ll arrange testing days, including parent/student communications (with reminders).


We’ll then deliver and invigilate your online or paper-based  scholarship tests.


We’ll mark every scholarship test against its success criteria.


This includes automated marking for multiple choice tests, and manual marking for Writing and other question types.


We’ll populate your reporting system and provide you with one-on-one training on how to understand the results and get additional insights.

Our unique scholarship exams are created by experienced educators

Our scholarship assessments are created by professionals with extensive experience in K-12 education. Their background and knowledge helps us maintain the highest quality for our scholarship tests, which go through a rigorous validation process before being set for students.

Question taken from one of our online practice tests for Year 10

What do our scholarship tests look like?

Our question types vary depending on the subject but are usually multiple-choice.


We can deliver them online or paper-based – whichever you prefer. You can see an example of how online tests look on the left.


Our scholarship assessments tend to run for around 50 minutes.

Reports that simplify the selection process

We provide automatic composite rankings for students as well as granular data to help you select the very best students for your scholarships.

Clearly identify top-tier students

See raw scores, stanines, automatic rankings and more for every student. Select the very best for further consideration.

Precisely analyse student results

Delve into the specifics of the results for students or the full cohort, to inform the selection process. Refine and analyse with essential data such as skill area.

Compare results to previous years

Directly compare students’ scholarship results from year-to-year, to identify trends and possible improvements to your scholarship program.

Send automated reports to parents

Generate automated reports to parents that break down their child’s performance and keep them in the loop.

Frequently asked questions

Our pricing varies depending on volume and the services you need. Please contact us to chat about your requirements.

You can request a date that best suits your school’s needs.

Full working time, excluding directions and breaks, is approximately 2 hours 40 minutes over two sessions.

We score the tests, validate the scoring and produce the reports within 10 working days. Reports are electronic (on our reporting system) but can also be sent as hard copies if required.

Our tests are strictly confidential and not able to be purchased separately by schools. We also refresh the assessments annually, so students are highly unlikely to have sat our tests before.

You can export both the results data to CSV as well as student/parent personal information, such as their email addresses for mail merges.

We adhere to strict data privacy laws for student information, which is never used for purposes other than our scholarship tests, and never shared.

We’ll help find your best scholarship candidates

Get in touch to learn more about our unique scholarship testing services and how we can help you discover the very best candidates for your scholarship program.