School Scholarship Tests and Exams

Scholarship Tests and Exams For Year 3 to Year 11 School Students

Academic Assessment Services conduct scholarship examinations for many schools across Australia.


Our tests are suitable for students entering Year 3 to Year 11 and are customised and specific to a school’s needs. Scholarship tests use higher-order items to distinguish students of higher ability. We use secure multiple forms to avoid any practice advantage and our results are reported in both scholarship rankings and normative terms.

The AAS Scholarship Tests

  • General Reasoning and Problem Solving
    This test assesses the ability to reason with and analyse information using verbal, mathematical, figural and spatial concepts


  • Mathematics Achievement and Reasoning
    For primary and junior secondary students these tests assess curriculum-related mathematics tasks and mathematical reasoning tasks. Middle and senior secondary students are assessed on mathematics reasoning tasks. These are different to curriculum-based mathematics and focus on problem-solving skills

  • Reading Comprehension
    This test assesses the ability to remember, locate, analyse, evaluate, derive and combine text propositions with fiction and non-fiction texts of increasing complexity


  • Written Expression
    This test assesses students’ facility with written language. A stimulus is provided for students to produce a piece of writing in a particular genre (e.g. narrative or argument) depending on the requirements of the School.

Each task is around 40-50 minutes in length, except for Written Expression, which is 25 minutes.

Scholarship Information for Parents

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