Clear, actionable assessment data to improve student outcomes.

Get the diagnostic and normative data you and your teachers need to make informed decisions, provided in easy-to-understand reports.

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Assessment data analysis and reporting

Nationwide benchmarking
for true comparisons

Measure your students’ performance against millions of others when combining your assessment data with NAPLAN.

Diagnostic data to determine
students’ needs

Get precise diagnostic data for every student, class and cohort, including question level analysis – what your teachers need.

Longitudinal data
to track growth

Track cohort and student progress from year-to-year, to measure growth and identify strategic interventions.
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Professional development sessions to help you understand the data

We provide a free professional development session (one-on-one, or as a workshop) to walk you through our reports and how to analyse them, so that you can get the insights you need to improve your school.


We also offer additional paid professional development sessions for your teachers, school leaders, curriculum leaders, or whoever will benefit from them. This is in addition to any ongoing support you need.

Comprehensive test data analysis in one easy system

Interactive online reporting

Access your results data in our easy-to-understand online reporting system. Get clear results data (both quantitative and qualitative) for every grade, class and student. Sort, filter and export the data in the ways you need.

Customisable reports to help you make objective decisions

We provide over 20 dynamic reports that explain student performance in detail, allowing you to adapt the reports to your needs and make informed choices for your school.

These are some of our most popular reports:

Student progression reports

Clearly determine how students and cohorts are progressing from one year to the next for numeracy, reading and writing. Combine with NAPLAN results to see unbroken year-on-year performance.

Writing reports

See how students performed objectively and comparatively in the assessment criteria for writing (genre, vocabulary, punctuation, etc.), as well as their actual writing samples.

Skill profiles

Get question-level data, score distributions, averages, standard deviations and more for maths, reading and writing, to really understand how your students are faring for foundational skills.

Ranking reports

See where students are normatively ranked against their classmates and others across the country, to better understand their comparative performance.

“This assessment data has been invaluable in helping us achieve our goals”

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Assessment data analysis – what you can do

Our assessment data allows in-depth analysis of student performance. These are a few common examples of what you can do:

Analyse reams of quantitative data – raw scores, stanines, ranges and more – to accurately measure students’ skills and knowledge and how they compare against their peers.

Evaluate qualitative data that helps answer the “why” of students’ test results.

Evaluate stanines and National Progress Index scores (combined with NAPLAN) to understand year-on-year trends for literacy and numeracy.

Examine test score ranges and stanines for specific skillsets (like reading), to identify learning gaps for cohorts, classes and individuals.

Compare test data between groups, against prior assessments, learning criteria and more, to accurately measure comparative performance.

See standard deviations for classes and cohorts to better understand the range of performance between students.

Frequently asked questions

We typically mark and send/publish test results within two weeks.

The school’s principal receives “Administrator” access in the first instance, and they can set up additional users if required.

Yes, data can be exported as a CSV file and opened using Microsoft Excel.

Results can be analysed across every level: individual students, specific classes and cohorts.

Find out how our assessment data can support your students’ learning

Get in touch and we’ll walk you through our most valuable test reports and how you can use them to support and reinforce your students’ education.