About Academic Assessment Services (AAS)

The AAS school assessment programs

At Academic Assessment Services (formerly Robert Allwell and Associates, now acquired by Janison), we create assessment programs that help schools to analyse their educational performance and progress.


We tailor our assessment programs based on your school’s needs, and so they come in a wide variety of forms. You may want to learn which students are capable of achieving scholarships; need a little help gauging the learning progress of a cohort, or want to provide extra support to your students in choosing suitable subjects or career pathways. It could be a combination of these and more – see our full list of testing programs here.

Once we understand what you’re trying to achieve, we create the assessment programs, carry out the testing at your school, and then upload the data to our online reporting system. This system is highly sophisticated, including data that is norm and criterion-referenced, which you can use to get a clear understanding of your students’ performance and progress. You can view this data in the format you need and run reports that give you the specific insights you need to make good decisions. We’re proud of the depth and richness of our results – it’s one of the main reasons why schools choose our services year after year.


The final piece of the puzzle is helping you to make sense of the data. We’ll work with you to identify the most promising improvement strategies for your school and the best methods for implementing them. This is a crucial part of the process that helps to make the data as valuable as possible.


Our team is made up of education experts who know their way around the curriculum, psychometricians who analyse and present data in the most useful ways, and admin staff who keep everything running smoothly. We’ll work together to help your school achieve its unique goals.


Currently, we assist around 250 schools from across Australia – Independent, Catholic, and State – as well as international schools. By listening to each school’s specific requirements and designing tailor-made programs for them, our company has led the way in unmatched personalised academic assessment services for nearly 50 years.

Our comprehensive educational testing is:

  • Reliable, meaningful, and accessible

  • Developed by curriculum experts

  • Customised for each school in hard copy and electronic formats

  • Expedient in its turnaround of results

  • Competitively priced

  • Confidential and secure

Key benefits of our assessment
services include:

  • Managing the process from start to finish

  • Providing in-servicing for school staff

  • Assisting staff to implement the collected data

  • Enabling schools to incorporate other assessment data such as NAPLAN into our comprehensive online reporting software

We do not provide individual assessments for parents.

AAS History: From Robert Allwell & Associates to AAS


Janison Education Group Limited, completed its acquisition of AAS. Janison are an Australian-owned and ASX-listed educational company.


Launching of:

PSAM – Post Secondary Academic Measure
GSAM – Gifted Student Ability Measure
Online Testing


Started working with schools in SA


National Progress Index (NPI) is launched


Started working with schools in WA


Scholarship Testing is launched


Started working with schools in QLD


Started working with schools in NSW


Robert Allwell and Associates is founded
in Melbourne VIC Australia