AAS Online Testing

Deliver AAS's tests and exams online

Academic Assessment Services also allows schools to assess students for Placement, Entrance or Scholarship online. Online testing can be completed on campus under the supervision of authorised staff. Alternatively,  students can test remotely, or at home, with strict security measures designed to protect the integrity of the testing process.


This includes a secure lock-down browser that prevents access to other websites, applications or aids such as spell check etc. Importantly, AAS staff remotely proctor the examinations to maintain absolute security. 

Online testing requirements

Students testing at home must use a computer with a camera that will allow the capture of their photograph and also record the testing examination session/s. 


Prior to the examination day, students must complete a short preparation exercise taking approximately 15 minutes to complete. This is to ensure that their device has been set up successfully and that students are familiar with the online testing process. 

Online Testing