AAS Scholarship Test Information for Parents

AAS staff are experienced and skilled in ensuring the testing day is a positive experience for your child as possible.

Students and parents need to be aware that Scholarship tests may be demanding and that not all students will complete each test within the time allowed. It is important to not spend too much time on questions they find too difficult.

After the Scholarship testing day, Academic Assessment Services is unable to supply additional information to parents other than that provided by the School.

Frequently Asked Questions


Scholarship tests are designed to identify and distinguish between students of high academic ability. They are more difficult than the normal achievement tests students often take in schools.


They are timed tests assessing how clearly a student can demonstrate higher-order critical thinking skills.

Results cannot be shared between schools (unless the schools are in a Scholarship co-op), students must sit each individual exam.

Please visit our test preparation page.

Unfortunately, we have only been asked to provide testing on the one day and have no requests for a second day. We suggest you contact the other school to enquire as to whether they offer an alternative day.

Scholarship Process

To apply for a Scholarship, you must visit the school’s website and click on the ‘Scholarships’ tab. If applications are open, there will be a link to the AAS registration site.

During the registration process, you may be asked to upload documents to support the application. There is a limit of 10 documents per document category. Each document may be up to 5 megabytes and may be PDF, JPG/JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF or PNG files.

AAS do not accept late applications once registrations close. We test on the behalf of schools and cannot make that decision. You will need to contact the school directly regarding this.

Only the primary parent registered will receive email and SMS reminders. If you have an incomplete application, you will receive a courtesy reminder 10 days prior to the examination day. The email examination reminder will be sent to paid applicants 5 days prior and the SMS exam reminder 2 days prior to the exam day.

This decision is made by each school. Many schools choose not to report results to parents. This information may be found in the School information pack or on the School’s website.


For enquires regarding Scholarship outcomes and results, you will need to contact the School directly.

The School is the sole decision maker. Your child’s academic ability is one of many factors taken into account. Usually the School will consider a variety of factors, including an interview. The School will advise you of its own criteria.

Examination Day
  • On the examination day, your child will need to bring 2 ball point pens, either black or blue. Your child can bring more than 2 pens if they wish. Pencils, erasers and other items such as working out paper will be provided by AAS.
  • Water in a clear bottle.
  • Morning tea for the 20-minute recess break (unless the school has advised they are providing this).
  • Students are permitted to wear analogue watches only.

Pens are only needed for the writing task. Although pencil cases are not permitted, student can bring more than two pens if required. The pens need to be either blue or black ink otherwise the writing cannot be read by our scanner.

You will need to speak to the School to find out what your child should wear on the day.

Assessments are taken in the following order:


  1. General Reasoning and Problem Solving
  2. Reading Comprehension
  3. Mathematics Achievement and Reasoning
  4. Written Expression

Each task is around 40-45 minutes in length, except for Written Expression, which is 25 minutes.

AAS cannot provide how many questions there are in each test. For every year level and test set, the number of questions and time duration varies. Except for the Written Expression task, each test is multiple-choice.

Refund Policy

For an online registration, Academic Assessment Services will retain 20% of the registration fee to cover transaction and administrative costs. The balance will be returned to the applicant.

No refund will be given.

No refund will be given.

No refund will be given.