AAS Test Preparation and Practice

About the AAS tests

With the exception of Written Expression each test is multiple-choice. (This means you are provided with a choice of five possible responses, one of which is correct).

Most tests are in ascending order of difficulty. (Meaning each item is more difficult than the one before).

Each test is timed, usually around 40-50 minutes in length, except for written expression, which is 25 minutes in length.

You may score highly even if you do not finish the test, but remember to keep working steadily throughout each task.

How do I prepare for the AAS tests?

Special preparation or coaching is not likely to improve your results. The best preparation is to arrive relaxed and refreshed on the testing day. A good night’s sleep is very important.

Prior to the testing date: Please advise the school and AAS of any serious medical conditions which may require monitoring on the testing morning e.g.  EpiPen, Diabetes

Student details sample

This indicates the personal information that needs to be entered on your answer sheet. You may download and complete this sample student identification as a practice exercise.

AAS online practice and sample tests available for purchase​

Academic Assessment Services is pleased to announce the launch of our new online practice test platform.


AAS practice tests are available for students who are currently in years 2-10. It is recommended that students choose practice tests at their current school year level. For more challenging questions, students may try higher levels if they wish. 

Once your child submits the practice test, they cannot attempt the test again. However, your child can still preview the questions and answers many times.

Please note:

  • All practice tests are not timed.
  • Practice tests are not refundable.

Click below for more information and to purchase practice tests

On the examination day

  • Bring two pens – blue or black. 

  • Bring food and drink for the recess break (unless advised otherwise by the school)

  • Make sure to arrive ahead of the time given. 

  • There is a 20-minute break between each session

  • Entry for late arrivals is at the sole discretion of the test supervisor

  • For Scholarship testing, unpaid applicants will not be permitted to attend the testing

Items not permitted in the examination

These items should not be brought to the examination:

  • Bags

  • Calculators

  • Mathematical instruments such as compasses or dividers

  • Photographic or other data/image recording equipment

  • Programmable watches or mobile phones

  • Rulers

  • Books or paper/s

  • Apple or smart watches

During the test session

  • Listen carefully to directions from the Supervisor

  • Read questions carefully and do not rush

  • Sometimes it is wise to read a question a second time

  • Use a process of elimination to choose your best answer

  • If a question is too difficult, it is better to leave the answer space blank and come back later if there is time

  • Always match the answer number correctly from the test booklet to the answer sheet

  • Remember that nobody is expected to answer all questions – work steadily and do your best

  • Complete the sample personal information sheet, with your name, date of birth and your language background before the test day.

If I run out of time should I guess the answers?

  • The aim of these tests is to identify real achievement, not guesswork. It is better to continue to work steadily than to rush and guess answers. You will be given further instructions regarding answering procedures on the test day.

  • You should work solidly until the time is up for each test. If you finish early you should carefully check your work by re-reading the questions and checking your answer choices thoroughly.

Policy on cheating

As Scholarship tests are competitive, often with a substantial financial reward based on test results, students must ensure they:

Do NOT bring any unauthorised materials into the testing room.

Do NOT take any material from the testing room.

Do NOT communicate with any other student during testing and

OBEY all reasonable instructions given by Academic Assessment Services staff.

If the identity of a student is called into doubt, Academic Assessment Services/or a school may request the student be re-tested.

Any student found cheating will be removed from the test room and/or have their results cancelled. There will be NO REFUND of fees under these circumstances. Cancellation of results for cheating will be at the absolute discretion of the Director of Academic Assessment Services.